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Air Extractor (01MK)

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Air Extractor (01MK)

The Mekar exhaust fan sections of the Air Extractor (01MK) Series are designed to satisfy any industrial and commercial application. The typical construction allows these fan sections to be installed either indoor or outdoor, the casing being assembled to avoid any water infiltration. Two-side access door provide full fan-motor servicing. The inlet air opening and the access doors can be provided at any section location, according to the buyer’s need. With the perspective of improvement and against continues action of research and development, Mekar might modify, even without any prior notice, the given technical data. The Air Extractors - 01MK Series is a centrifugal direct driven exhaust fan. This direct-driven fan sections, present in the Air Extractors - 01MK is acclaimed for hassle-free performances.

  • An airflow range from 500 to 5480 m3/h
  • With available static pressures from 20 to 300Pa according to the unit model
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Simple to install
  • Useful for all simple applications where an ex-stock unit is required
  • For use in all types of locations and are used principally in commercial applications
  • Constructed with self-supporting single skin galvanized sheet steel panels with 10mm thick polyethylene insulation
  • A double skin version with injected polyurethane insulation and aluminum frame is also available
  • The DIDW, forward curved, fan with direct driven, single phase, 3 speed motor ensures an efficient choice of unit with a wide airflow range

Available in 2 versions
  • Version D, with self-supporting structure and galvanized steel panels;
  • Version M, with aluminum frame and double skin panels 25 mm thick (sandwich with galvanized internal surface and pre-painted external surface) isolated by injected poliuretane; Double inlet direct driven forward curved fan with a single phase direct drive electric motor

Optional Features
  • Casing : the following alternative constructions are available :
    • Double skinning with 25 mm injected polyurethane insulation, aluminum framework
    • Pre-coated galvanized steel (light beige STD - other colors are available upon request), stainless steel, aluminum
  • Intake wire mesh
  • Intake grille of any type and construction
  • Supply grille of any type and constructions
  • Flexible canvas isolator with ductile flange for both the intake and supply
  • Custom-built connections
  • Fan motor base anti-vibration mountings

  • If fan-motor basement anti-vibration mountings are installed, increase dimensions A and B by 150 mm
  • With double panel, dimensions and weights change


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