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The series 23MK airhandling units consist of modular sections which can be assembled to satisfy all forms of air treatment such as simple ventilation, filtration, heating, cooling, and control of humidity.


The 23MK series airhandling units are available in 44 sizes and cover an airflow range from 1000 to 80000 m3/ h (0.278

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Mekar ecology units are precisely designed for commercial kitchen to control the environmental emission generated from the kitchen extract system. Integrated components like mechanical filters, electrostatic precipitator and activated carbon filters efficiently eliminate the smoke, grease particle and odour from the kitchen exhaust before the

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When the use of air handling units is critical like that of hospitals, high tech industry (clean rooms), pharmaceutical or food industry, the requirements for cleaning and hygiene are mandatory.


Mekar has developed solutions, that can be applied on its ahu serie 23MK, and that match those requirements. The solutions can be

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24MK series are designed to satisfy where minimum footprint is required, with the necessary components, the functions of mixing, cooling, heating and ventilation; available in 8 sizes for a range from 1700 through 25000 m3/h (18900 m3/h for cooling), and with total pressures up to 1000 Pa.

The series has two possible arrangements:

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The air handling units 31MK series MEKAR are units configurable to meet, with the adoption of appropriate components, the functions of mixing, filtration, heating, cooling and ventilation for the air to enter into the room. The typical application is the air conditioning of offices, shops, public houses and residential

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MK Control is the result of the Mekar idea about the production of air handling units complete with :

  • power switchboard;
  • sensors and actuators (field elements);
  • electronic controller;
  • communication modules.


The air handling units can be supplied, in that way,

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FAHU/AHU integration with VRF outdoor units results in energy savings and improved performance and efficiency. Seamless operation of FAHU for varying ambient conditions and results wear and tear compared to conventional condensing units. The AHU is equipped with factory fitted expansion valves and sensors to facilitate easy connections at site.

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