Types Of Samsung VRF AC Systems Available In The Market

Posted by Admin on August, 23, 2019

The Variable Refrigerant Flow or VRF is a specially configured air conditioning system which has an outdoor condensing system and several indoor units. The idea of VRF refers directly to the ability of the air conditioning system for controlling the amount of refrigerant which is flowing to the different indoor units or more commonly, the evaporators.

It enables the use of more than one evaporator, each having a different capacity and configuration. It is connected with s single condensing unit and results in enabling the zone control.

There are several forms of the VRF system which is used in the Samsung VRF AC System, namely, two pipes, three pipes and the air or water-cooled with the gas driving mechanism. The air conditioning systems prepared with the gas-driven technology is specifically designed for the buildings which have a certain degree of power limitation. Several sellers sell high-quality VRF system based air conditioning in different parts of the world.

Different Types of VRF Systems:

There are various kinds of VRF system which are easily available in the market. It includes:

The System with Heat Pumps:

The VRF heat pump systems, sold by Samsung VRF AC Exporter from UAE, are commonly called as the two-pipe system. It allows heating as well as cooling in all the indoor units except the simultaneous heating and cooling unit.

In this system, when the indoor unit is in the cooling mode, it works as an evaporator, whereas when they are in the heating mode, it acts more like condensers.

The heat pump system is applied effectively to all the open plan areas, the different retail stores, the various cellular offices and the other such areas which require both heating and cooling at the same operation.

The System with Recovery System:

The systems using VRF flow process with heat recovery options has the capability of operating simultaneously for both heating or cooling mode, which enables the heat to get used rather than rejecting it, like the old traditional heat pump based machines.

The devices delivered to the market by the Samsung VRF Distributor in UAE have indoor units which are branched off in three different pipes using a special solenoid box containing a series of valves.

The indoor unit, which requires cooling, opens the liquid line and suction line, acting as an evaporator. The indoor unit, which involves heating, opens the hit gas and the liquid line valve, acting as a condenser. Apart from it, it also has extra heat exchangers which are used for transferring the rejected heat, which makes it an efficient energy-saving device.

Apart from these two types of air conditioning systems, the VRF water-cooled and the VRF gas driven systems are also widely incorporated in the policies sold by the Samsung VRF AC Exporter from UAE. These are specially designed models which act as effective coolers and heaters and are also efficient energy savers.

By using advanced technology along with a wide range of capacities, these systems serve as a smart solution for the buildings which usually demand higher efficiency, with individualised control along with flexibility in the installation process.

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