What Are The Components Of The EC Fan Coil Unit?

Posted by Admin on October, 31, 2020

A Fan Coil Unit is a device that has a heat exchanger and a fan. As a terminal unit, a fan-coil unit is set up directly inside the conditioned space or just above the conditioned space in the ceiling plenum. A fan coil unit is composed of a small motor-driven centrifugal fan. Sometimes two centrifugal fans run parallel. The components of a Fan Coil Unit are fans, a finned coil, filters, and a fan motor. EC Fan coil unit is a horizontal unit when it is installed within the ceiling plenum, a vertical unit when it is kept on the floor under the windowsill, or a stack unit when it is installed along two sides of the window vertically. EC fan coil unit is of two types: concealed and exposed. We, EC Fan Coil Units Manufacturer in Dubai, provide high-quality fan coil units to our customers.

Operation Of EC Fan Coil Unit
The fan coil unit obtains hot or cold water from the central part and then removes heat from the air or adds heat to the air through heat transfer. Thus it conditions a space by circulating hot or cold water through the coil. Traditionally. The fan coil unit has its internal thermostat.

There are two types of fan coil units: two-pipe fan coil units or four-pipe fan coil units. While two-pipe fan coil units have two pipes namely one supply pipe and one return pipe, four-pipe fan coil units have four pipes like two supply pipes and two return pipes. When different areas of a building need heat and cold temperature at the same time, four-pipe fan coil units are then used.

Components Of EC Fan Coil Unit


Centrifugal fans used in fan coil units are double-width and forward-curved. The fan wheels used in fan coil units are of aluminium or galvanized steel. Most of the fans having a diameter less than 10 inches are die-formed with inlets and integral scrolls.

Fan Motor
EC Fan Coil Units Manufacturer in UAE uses high-quality motors in fan coil units. EC Fan coil units use two types of motors: Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) and Shaded-Pole (SP). PSC motors are more efficient than SP motors. While PSC motors have 55-70% efficiency, SP motors have 30% efficiency. High-medium-low switches are required to control the fan thermal overload protector.

EC fan coil units generally use a copper fan or aluminium fan. There are two, three, or four rows of fins in the cooling-heating coil based on the coil's cooling capacity and heat ratio of the dehumidifying and cooling process. Two-row coil and four-row coil shows a greater humidifying capacity.

EC fan coil units generally use low-pressure low-efficiency drop permanent filter. You can clean it easily and replace it after certain periods. Sometimes fan coil units also use disposable fibreglass filters.

As an EC fan coil unit manufacturer, we have won customer satisfaction till date. Electronically Commuted (EC) fan coil units are mostly seen in high-rise residential construction. It is also seen in hotels, classrooms, and apartments.

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