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Central Air Handling Unit

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Central Air Handling Unit

The Central Air Handling Unit MEKAR 23MK series air handling units provide for comfort climate conditions in hotel buildings, commercial buildings, shopping malls and office buildings, and ensure quality air filtration as well as excellent thermohygrometric conditions of the air, absolutely vital in many industrial processes as well as in very critical buildings like hospitals and clean rooms.

  • The 23MK series air handling units are the evolution of the historic 03MK series
  • Inherited their robustness, flexibility and reliability and incorporate many technological and production improvements,
  • Known for speed of consignment
  • Automation of the production process is done
  • Ensures maximum performance in the most economical sizes for production
  • To achieve this the range has been designed around a modular pitch of 160mm in all three dimensions which gives rise to 28 basic models and 16 low height models particularly adapted for installation above false ceilings or in low plant rooms
  • Such a wide choice of models ensures that the smallest possible model can be chosen according to the coil face velocity
  • The 23MK units are therefore available in 44 models for an airflow range from 1,000 to 80,000m3/h and with static pressures up to 2,500Pa (custom built units can also be supplied for higher airflows or static pressures)
  • The 16 low height models can be further reduced in height by eliminating the 150mm high standard base frame
  • Best used in the sector where the requirements for cleaning and hygiene are high

  • Light commercial
  • Commercial Sector
  • Production processes
  • Food Sector
  • Marine environment

Special Applications
  • Hospitals
  • High-tech industry (clean rooms)
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food


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