Double skin FCU (UTC)

Double skin FCU (UTC)

Versatile unit with encapsulated construction made of   heavy gauge galvanized steel. The casing thickness  is 1.5 mm for models UTC 60 & 70 and 1.0 mm for other models. Double skin unit casing inner and outer skin with 0.6mm and various insulation thickenss possible like 15mm and 25mm.

Complete casing insulated with 10 mm polyolefin insulation. Ceiling anchoring slots for easy fixing and leveling of the unit. Optional finish can be pre- painted. Custom build material finishes possible based on application.

G4 Synthetic finer with 48mm thick for models UTC 60 & 70 and others shall be With 22 mm thick. Optional aluminum filters are available to suit various needs.


Certification Eurovent Certified
Air Flow Range 400 CMH to 9250 CMH
Nominal Capacity 2.5 to 39 KW
Max ESP (Pa) Upto 150 pa
No of Rows 3 / 4 / 6
Motor Type 3 Speed PSC / EC Motor

Technical Data