Heat recovery unit with cross flow heat exchanger

Heat recovery unit with cross flow heat exchanger

The 10MK units are designed to reduce energy consumption in installations where fresh air is introduced into the building. The extract air is used to pre-heat the incoming fresh air and thus allows for considerable energy savings. The heat exchange reclaims up to 50% of the energy contained in the extract air which would be otherwise lost.


All the unit panels are removable for easy inspection and maintenance. The 10MK series are produced in 6 sizes with an airflow range of 500 to 300m3/h.


The basic units are produced in galvanized steel or, on request in pre-plastified steel RAL 9010 (white) colour for units in view within the room. The units panels are internally lined with 10mm thick thermal/acoustic insulation (other thicknesses available on request).


Fan Section

Supply and extract fans are DIDW, forward curved, direct driver single phase with 2 pole motors ( for units 10MK1 and 10MK2) or with 4 pole motors for the rest of the range.


Heat Exchanger

  • Static type cross flow heat exchanger. Aluminium plates sealed in an aluminium frame.
  • Steel condensate pan with drain connection.



Easily withdrawable polyester filters 86.5 efficiency Am and G3 according to EN 779.


Air Flow Range 400 CMH to 3000 CMH
Nominal Capacity 1.8 to 11 KW
Max ESP (Pa) 200 Pa
No Of Rows 43134
Motor Type 3 Speed PSC / EC Motor

Technical Data