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Hiwall FCU

Quality and design: 

The new wall-mounted water fancoil TOUCH 

With a tangential fan that offers the maximum acoustic comfort, the wall-mounted water fancoil units of the new range TOUCH are the ideal solution to be installed in residential and office buildings. The modern aesthetics and the innovative technical features make TOUCH the ideal solution for quality and room enhancement.


Capacity regularity

Thanks to the range with four different sizes, the new wall-mounted fancoil  TOUCH allows to regularly cover capacities going from 1.2 kW to 4.0 kW.


Attractive design

An attractive design and modern shapes make TOUCH perfect to be installed in residential and office buildings where comfort and enhance of the environment are the most important aspects to be considered. TOUCH range is an extremely elegant product thanks to its aesthetic quality, innovations and top performances.


Acoustic comfort

The dedicated study on the different speed of the units has allowed to reach very high performances with minimum noise levels.


Valve included

An innovative solution that allows an easier installation and a reduced energy save.


Capacity Range 400 CFM (1 TR) to 1200 CFM (3 TR)
Capacity (In Tons) 1 Ton - 2.5 Ton
Dimensions 256x950x950 mm
Efficiency Consistent
Speciality Rust resistance
Strength Optimum
Advantage Easy to Operate
Usage Industrial
Power Input 134W
Air Volume 510 m3/h
Voltage 220-240 V

Technical Data