Triple heat recovery unit

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Triple heat recovery unit

Fresh air handling unit characterized by high efficiency and complete autonomy of operation (does not requires heat transfer fluids produced by other plant components) and extended operating limits (both summer and winter) due to pre-treatment ensured by the rotary heat recovery unit and the modulating compressor (inverter), which brings the operating temperature of the refrigerant circuit within safe values.


The unit

  • Different heat recovery systems in a single unit:
  • Sensible and latent “sorption” heat recovery
  • Active thermodynamic heat recovery
  • Desuperheating heat recovery
  • Inverter compressors with EC motor
  • Variable speed fans with EC motor
  • Specific electronic control
  • Sandwich panels 60mm with thermal break
  • Electronic filtering
  • Versions for cold climates (-30°C b.s.)
  • Also suitable for hot climates (52°C b.s.)



  • Renewal and extraction of exhaust air
  • Supply air temperature at fixed point
  • Independent control of UR
  • “Spontaneous” winter humidification (without humidifier)
  • Control and modulation of supply air
  • Ambient air quality control
  • Fresh air filtration
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Total plant cost reduction
  • Unsurpassed efficiency in all conditions
  • Significant energy savings
  • Minimum quantity of refrigerant gas
  • Minimum environmental impact


Air Flow Range 1600 CMH to 12000 CMH
Enthalpy Wheel Yes
DX Coil and Condenser Coil Yes
Reheat Yes
Motor Type EC Fan Motor - Supply & Return

Technical Data