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Vertical Air Handling Unit

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Vertical Air Handling Unit

The cabinet Vertical Air Handling Unit series 24MK sections are modular units. These Vertical Air Handling Units are easily configured for meeting with the adoption of specific components related to the heating, cooling, filtration and mixture of the ambient air with outdoor air and proper ventilation for Air that is to be placed in environment. These Vertical Air Handling Units are used in vertical configuration as cabinets.

  • There are available 8 sizes for a range of airflow between 1,700 and 25,000 m3/h- maximum capacity (18,900 m3/h) in case of wrapping - with total pressures up to 1000 Pa.
  • The units are assembled in aluminum frame and sandwich panels with 25mm thickness. The panels are pre-coated galvanized steel internally and galvanized steel outside
  • The thickness of the panels is 0.5 mm.
  • Thermal insulation is provided by polyurethane foam density 45 kg/m3

This Vertical Air Handling Unit has two possible configurations of installation: vertical ā€œLā€ shape installation and horizontal. Both versions were designed to minimize the overall dimensions and make the most useful spaces: in height for horizontal installation (typically on ceiling) and in depth for vertical installation, especially when the unit is stick to a wall.

  • The basic unit can be configured in many ways depending on the needing, but the standard version is normally assembled with
    • G4 (95% efficiency) synthetic filters, 48mm thick, easily pulled out by removable inspection panel
    • Double purpose coil for heating and / or cooling, pipe geometry 3/8ā€, 2/4/6 rows, aluminum drain pan
    • Fan + motor device, including one or more fan (forward blades), three-phase motor with transmission belts, variable pitch pulley
  • The basic unit is usually provided in one block, giving better thermal insulation (due to the missing of a junction section between fan and air treatment) and saving assembly time on site


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