VRF Energy Recovery Ventilator(ERV Plus/ERV)

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VRF Energy Recovery Ventilator(ERV Plus/ERV)

Enjoy high-efficiency ventilation for a more refreshing atmosphere; Indoor air quality is gaining more and more attention as increasing numbers of people become ill from airborne contaminants. Indoor air contamination is often the cause behind building-related syndromes, such as asthma, headaches and dizziness.

The Samsung ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation) system air conditioner provides fresh and healthy air from outside while minimising energy loss for maximum efficiency. Its intelligent structure incorporates features specifically designed for flawless ventilation and efficient operation.


Capacity Range of ERV units 360/500/690/1000 CMH
High Efficiency & Energy saving Recovers energy upto 70% (cooling/heating) operation & Drives energy savings with unparalleled heat echange and atomated temperture controls
Smart CO2 detection Provides fresh air in room by detecting CO2 with optional CO2 sensor.
OAP with highest operating range OAP Duct supplies fresh air processing a wide spectrum OD temp. From -5 to 52°C.
Humidity Control Detects moisture level of the room and automatically adjusts its humity level.
ERV Plus ERV plus provides better operation at high ambients using cooling coils