VRF out door unit - DVM S desert (8.0 HP to 20.0 HP)

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VRF out door unit - DVM S desert (8.0 HP to 20.0 HP)

Comfort with solutions designed for superior efficiency and manageability Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems are a smart solution for commercial and large residential buildings that demand higher efficiency, individualised control and installation flexibility. Advanced heat recovery
combines heating, cooling and ventilation processes for increased energy efficiency and lower operating costs. In addition, VRF technology supports zone control, enabling users to adjust individual climate settings to suit their personal comfort preferences. And with copper piping that’s typically longer than traditional direct expansion (DX) systems, VRF units increase design flexibility for more creative installations.


Samsung’s VRF system air conditioners offer instant temperature control, user-friendly installation and advanced functionality, along with smart power usage. Our flagship VRF-based Samsung DVM S is a highly innovative system that adopts the new third-generation Samsung Scroll Compressor (SSC) technology. With its Dual Digital Inverter, DVM S provides world-class energy efficiency and the most powerful cooling and heating performance available on the market. This air conditioning system is ideal for various environments, including large commercial and residential buildings


Capacity Range & EER (T1/T3)  4.0 kw to 28.9 kW &  (14.11/10.9)
Compressor & Condenser Fan motor type Inverter Scroll Compressors & BLDC Fan motor
Operation Range Upto -25°C to 54 °C
Anti Corrosion Coating on condensor - suitable for Coastal Application Hydrophilic & Epoxy Acrylic coating to resist corrosion
Additional feature - Inbuilt Intercooler Increases efficiency of compressor by 30% results in lowering maintenance and energy cost