VRF outdoor unit - DVM S eco (4.0 HP to 10.0 HP)

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VRF outdoor unit - DVM S eco (4.0 HP to 10.0 HP)

Big capacity. Big choice; The DVM S Eco is the world's largest capacity and most compact sidedischarge outdoor unit, which also offers a high level of energy efficiency. It's ideal for homes or business that needs plenty of coverage, but only has limited space.


Capacity Range & EER (T1/T3)  10.00 kw to 25.0 kW  (13.98/11.22)
Compressor & Condenser Fan motor type (4HP,5HP,6HP -Inverter Twin Rotary) (8HP, 10HP - Inverter Scroll) Compressors & BLDC Fan motor
Operation Range Upto -25°C to 54 °C
Anti Corrosion Coating on condensor - suitable for Coastal Application Hydrophilic & Epoxy Acrylic coating to resist corrosion
Additional feature - Inbuilt Intercooler Increases efficiency of compressor by 30% results in lowering maintenance and energy cost